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Rebecca B.

"Ms. Sue truly was the best investment I made during my time as a nursing

student. I was, like most students, towards the end of my nursing school career

scared of both PN-NCLEX and the ATI’s that I needed to complete to graduate.

Ms. Sue started out by giving me confidence. She teaches the student how to break down each question so the questions aren’t intimidating, how to find the right answer more easily and how to take more control of the test, helping to boost confidence and reduce fear in the test-taking scenario.

Ms. Sue helped me in almost every content area from OB to Pediatrics to

Pharmacology to Mental Health! 

When it came time for the PN-NCLEX, Ms. Sue also provides customized schedules

and structured practice plans to help prepare for the PN-NCLEX; this led to my

success on the NCLEX exam. 

I would recommend Ms. Sue to anyone; she truly changed my nursing school life,

helped me pass all my ATI’s and the PN-NCLEX. She made me a much stronger

nursing student and eventually, an LPN!"

–Rebecca B.


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