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Amanda W.

"Thank you Sue! There are not enough words to describe what an amazing Tutor/Coach Sue is.

As a BSN senior nursing student, I was struggling with the ATI Predictor which was a graduation requirement for my college. We were forced to hire ATI tutors who were no help to me and I continued to struggle.

Searching on line I found Sue. She was the only tutor who took time to understand my personal strengths and weaknesses. Once Sue knew where I was she designed a personalized program for me to succeed.

She also utilized Zoom and all our sessions were over video chat, unlike others who utilized chat or email only. She would also text or call me on days we did not meet to ensure I was on task and progressing.

Prior to Sue I never passed a single ATI test and after working for a couple of weeks with Sue I passed the ATI predictor with ease.

After passing the ATI Predictor I kept working with her preparing for the NCLEX. With her continued help I passed the NCLEX on my first a try.

Sue has a calm demeanor and is able to answer any questions. She is always open to a phone call or text if you need help outside of a scheduled session. Sue is always compassionate and caring. When I was unsure about something she would explain to me as if we were equals and not in a condescending manner. Sue puts her personal experiences into each session which gives real world applications to what she was teaching. This was very helpful because it bridged the gap between the classroom and the real world.

Sue was one of the first people I called after my Mom and Dad when I found out I passed my ATI Predictor and my NCLEX. I have no idea what I would have done if I did not find Sue. My only regret is not finding her sooner because my time in school would have been so much better."

-Amanda W.


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