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I’ve had over 30 years of experience working with nursing students and nursing graduates to promote success in passing in-program nursing EXAMS (including the HESI/ATI) & the NCLEX-RN /NCLEX-PN EXAMS. 


My initial focus is directed towards an INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT of student needs.


This is then followed by CREATING & ORGANIZING a reasonable & effective STUDY PLAN/CALENDAR that is designed to help students feel empowered to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN/PN Exam


My approach includes INSTRUCTION on how to READ & BREAK apart NCLEX-RN/PN style test questions plus utilizing specific test taking strategies allowing the student to apply knowledge of the topics.


During weekly tutoring sessions SUPPORT is provided to reinforce the newly learned skills. Electronic support is provided throughout the week as needed for free.


How I Can
Help You

Promoting expertise in test taking strategies to pass program exams/NCLEX-RN. When booking, please indicate the following: what college you attend, what level you are i...
One-On-One Tutoring - 1 hr
1 hr
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